Bronze, an exceptional material

Bronze has been a metal of choice for jewelery-making since antiquity in Greece. It is still used and appreciated by jewellers today mainly because of its characteristics and its malleability, allowing the creator to elaborate some ambitious designs with a strong but docile material.

At Kalliope we are now working this antique basis with a modern view using chemistry to obtain the best quality possible and overcome the natural challenges of bronze.

One of the main reasons why bronze is plebiscited by the general public is because of its shiny aspect visually close to gold. We saw it earlier with the antique jewels, its brilliance stands the test of time which is also a major concern in the choice of a jewel.

It is also used in a lot of technical fields like boat-making for its resistance to corrosion, high temperatures and extreme meteorological conditions. The strenght of this metal also explains its artistic popularity for example in the making of statues, allowing the artist to defy the laws of physic with a malleable but strong material. Using bronze allows to create some ambitious and strong jewels which will keep a beautiful brilliance for centuries.

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