The Cannes festival and its Iconic jewels

The cannes festival, the unmissable international cultural event with its dream cast and multiple award-winning screenings.

But a second facet comes to the top of the ladder that of the rise of the steps on the famous red carpet offering the world a parade as extravagant as the pieces observed.

The jewelry and the Cannes Film Festival are linked, how to sublimate an outfit without jewelry? IMPOSSIBLE.

The stars offer us each year jewelry as extravagant as each other as Bella Hadid and her famous necklace at the 2021 edition or with finer pieces as worn by Candice Swanpoel at the 74th edition.

To close this event, we have created a selection to shine like the rising stars of the red carpet during the summer :

Stavros Errings I

Tangy Necklace I

• Hydra Ring