Mother's day gifts guide

If your Mom is a hard worker who spends her day at the office and loves to wear pencil skirts and
heels she is definitely a Classy Mom ! She inspires you everyday to do your best and these classy

pieces would make a great gift.

Classy Mom's Gift List
1. Sense Bracelet I
2. Cream Earrings
3. Short Twist Necklace

If your Mom spends her time outside in the nature, if her colors are pink green and orange and if
she loves to wear cute dresses and sandals, your Mom is a Romantic Mom ! She's fun full of life
and colors and these pieces will totally match her energy.

Romantic Mom's Gift List
1. Single Camilia Necklace
2. FLower Earrings I

If your Mom always hangs out at the gym or at the bar, if she likes ripped jeans and sneakers and if
her colors are Black White and purple she is 100% a Cool Mom ! Reveal her inner rockstar with
these specially selected pieces.

Cool Mom's Gift List
1. Seed Necklace 
2. Hoop Nana Earrings
3. Glassy Hoops I

Whatever you chose to get for your Mom don't forget to tell her that you love her! 

Kalliope Team