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Golden Glassics

Pieces you have loved in the past but want to still wear in the future. Timeless & effortless beauty.

Golden classics

30 Items

Set Ascending Direction
  1. Supersonic Ring II Supersonic Ring II
  2. Adore Ring II
  3. Kahlua Ring III Kahlua Ring III
  4. Kahlua Ring I Kahlua Ring I
  5. Kahlua Ring II Kahlua Ring II
  6. Tatu Ring I Tatu Ring I

    Tatu Ring I

  7. Clarity Ring I Clarity Ring I
  8. Nana Ring I Nana Ring I

    Nana Ring I

  9. Ivory Ring I Ivory Ring I
  10. Silene Bracelet I Silene Bracelet I
  11. Single Lineal Bracelet I
  12. Novel Ring I Novel Ring I
  13. Sierra Chain Ring I Sierra Chain Ring I
  14. Sense Bracelet I Sense Bracelet I
  15. Novel Bracelet I
  16. Monsoon Bracelet I Monsoon Bracelet I
  17. Sierra Chain Bracelet I Sierra Chain Bracelet I
  18. Shape Bracelet I Shape Bracelet I
  19. Amazonian Ring I Amazonian Ring I
  20. Dalhia Ring I Dalhia Ring I
  21. Contour Ring I
  22. Bling Ring II
  23. Bling Ring I Bling Ring I
  24. Olive Ring I
  25. Large Kelly Ring I Large Kelly Ring I
  26. Small Kelly Ring I Small Kelly Ring I
  27. Curve Ring I Curve Ring I
  28. Olive Bracelet I Olive Bracelet I
  29. Leaf Bracelet I
  30. Curve Bracelet I Curve Bracelet I

30 Items

Set Ascending Direction