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1. For the purchase of the Products through the e-shop, the Client may choose any of the following payment methods, depending on the country of delivery of the Product:

1.1. upon delivery of the Product to the designated location in cash or by card (subject to prior communication with the courier company and pursuant to the shipping terms – the lawful limit for payments in cash shall be as prescribed in applicable legislation.

1.2. by credit or debit card

1.3. by deposit to the Bank Account details provided each time by the Company.

1.4. by Paypal

2. In any case, the Company reserves the right to change the applicable payment methods and to add or modify the procedures without notice, as you will be informed of the applicable payment methods from their posting on the e-shop and at the latest upon check-out, prior to the submission of your order.

3. In case of payment by credit card or by making use of the third-party payment providers’ services, the payment process shall be concluded through the third party processor that provides all the security guarantees for electronic payments. Each third-party payment processor is the sole responsible for the processing of information and conclusion of the payment. For any problem which might occur at the payment with credit card or by any other electronic payment means, the payment services provider shall be the sole responsible. The Company does not store or process the Clients’ card details. The Company reserves the right to reject the Client’s order or to withdraw from the contract whenever it is ascertained or there is a likelihood that there is any problem is relation to the credit card details or the use of electronic payment services. The Client is fully and solely responsible for the correct insertion and completion to the payment system of all information necessary for the payment. The above also apply when the payment is effected through other providers or electronic payment services offered by banking institutions, in which case the Client is subject to the terms and conditions applicable to such providers and the respective services.

4. It is hereby designated that any costs arising from the bank transfers shall be borne by the Client and the amount due must be paid to the Company in full.